This mornings #1 dumb ass

I have a 10 mile stretch of highway on my commute that's 100% under construction. Speed limit is 55mph for the most part. 

There is a cop riding some dudes ass in the right lane and me and another car are locked in behind the cop at 55-60 mph. 

Some dipshit comes up in the left lane, sees the cop. Slows down significantly and the  slowly passes him at 60-65 mph. 

He Instantly gets pulled over.  


How retarded can you be? If the cop was doing under the limit, sure, pass him at the limit. But you're all speeding anyway and you decide to go faster? So dumb. 

Annika Albright

The_Rapist_/_Therapist -


He did nothing wrong 

I was on the highway and there was a cop in the fast lane. He was going over the speed limit (55 mph)... I'd guess he was going around 65 or so. Some idiot woman comes barreling up behind him and rides his ass. He merges over onto the shoulder and lets the idiot pass, then pops his lights and pulls her over.

jacktripper -

He did nothing wrong 

Who? The Cop? You are correct.


Now, if you meant the idiot that sped pased everyoine while in a construction zone...well now, you'd be wrong 

I don't know about where you live but here in NC that's an automatic $250 dollar fine for the construction zone plus the $150-$200 court cost. That was dumb. 

I was riding with a dumbass friend back in high school. We were on the highway that is known around here for everyone speeding. It's a 4 lane divided highway with a limit of 55. Back then I believe most others in the area were 65, but now all the highways are 70, yet that one is STILL 55. So we come up on a line of maybe 6 cars. Second one was a cop. First car was afraid to speed and everyone else afraid to pass. The cop merges left and takes off, maybe 15 or so over. My dumbass budy merges and follows, then another car does as well.

I asked wtf he was doing and he says something like "He can't pull as over if he is in front going faster!"

Not even a mile down the road the cop slows...we slow. He slows more, we slow more. Now everyone in the right lane we left behind passes us. All that is left is the cop, my buddy, and one other car that followed us. The cop turns his lights on and casually comes to a stop on the LEFT shoulder with his arm out the window waving us over as well. The motherfucker paced us just long enough until the concrete divider was gone and the median was a wide patch or grass and a spot for us to pull off. 

He gave my buddy a ticket, set us on. Then went to the car behind us. About 5 minutes down the road, the same cop damn near blows our doors off as he goes flying by. No clue how fast he was going, but we were doing the limit then and he went by like we were standing still.

had a roommate that got pulled over once for passing a cop that was driving under the limit.  roommate never broke the speed limit.  cop told him 'never pass a cop' and let him go with a warning.  always thought that was weird.

MojoSoDope -

I don't know about where you live but here in NC that's an automatic $250 dollar fine for the construction zone plus the $150-$200 court cost. That was dumb. 

I believe it's double the fine in a construction zone.