This needs to be in schools but never implemented

Etiquette 101.

These kids have no manners and no tact. They have no idea how to moderate their voices when talking. They have no idea which words NOT to use in public, and have no idea how to be discreet. They also seemingly don't care. Very sad. Phone Post 3.0

You are insensitive to the strife and cultural differences of youth and people that are oppressed and marginalized by the caucasian heterosexual churchian neocon majority. You must accept and value all cultures especially those that are derided the most so they can catch up and thrive over yours you bigoted right wing honky!


Poleeko - A class on credit senior year as well. Phone Post 3.0
Oh man. Seriously! Phone Post 3.0

Definitely something i wouldnt hae been down with 15 years ago. Now? Fuck yes. Our country is full of rude little cunts who have no sense of consequences regarding their words and actions.

It wont happen though cause of the whole "you cant tell me how to raise my kid" argument. Phone Post 3.0

Old man complains about today's youth.

Isn't there some quote from an old Greek dude complaining about the youth? Phone Post 3.0