This place is dead

Honestly, I respond to a message yesterday and find it about 5 threads from the top?

Get this shithole in gear!

I agree. I believe its because too many people on this forum as satisfied by throwing 'hadukens', zapping camp aliens and driving indestructable cars into race-track walls.

we are waiting for San Andreas

san andreas will be the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! most anticipated game ever

check all game forums

I tried to fire back maddog, but it was just over Halo again.

We need something else that we can nice and partisan about.

I'm holding my breath for HL2...

In the mean time, I'm beating the piss out of Def Jam NY and X-Men.

On weekends, I don't post, I game.

yeah GTA :SA and Halo 2 is all we worried about .