This queer surgeon performs gender affirming mastectomies on adolescent females

LMFAO you replied before I edited it, go and look back.

Also this from you!


-Its the weekend
-youve done it
-Im dobe with you
-I wont let
-i wont waste

Why are you lying alone in bed trolling the OG? Never had a sexual partner before?

It’s after 3 in eastern Australia is it not? What part are you claiming to be from?

So many asshole that don’t have kids want to fuck up other people’s kids… I don’t get it!

His explanation was pure nonsense “this is happening because it didn’t happen so it’s gonna happen more”

Our society is fucking our kids!!! Our kids are now at the bottom of list of countries as far as math, science and reading but they can affirm pronouns for the seriously mentally ill and know any ills or obstacles they face are due to the toxic patriarchal white culture.

These poor kids. They are nothing but pawns to these assholes!


Lol im dying of laughter here

Screen shot again

Nah you are mad it’s obvious!



Also how stupid do you have to be to do a screen shot of your own retarded spelling and grammar!

He’s got a point. You Karen’d him for misspelling then/than and claimed he was a dummy because of it. THEN, you misspelled a fuckton of words in your next post. Then claimed you struck a nerve. Rather than be like ‘yep, my bad’

It’s not a good look


I thought they just wanted heterosexuals to bake them a cake.


‘‘InferiorTransWoman’’ has some deep seated issues unfortunately,

-Claims to be in Eastern Australia, yet quotes Western Australian time.
-Claims to be Australian, yet said it grew up in the Church of England.
-Claims to be white, yet refers to white people as ‘‘they’’ and ‘‘other’’ rather than ‘‘we’’ or ‘‘us’’.

It’s clearly on the Autism spectrum unfortunately. Hence it’s lack of basic self awareness regarding spelling and grammar.

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You’re in too deep buddy. Why do you give a shit where he’s from or where he claims to be from?

Nah he has been stalking other people making all kinds of ludicrous claims that are obviously false.

It’s just funny to point it out, it’s not that deep!