This saying doesn't make sense to me....

 I've heard Chris Leben and a few other people say it...

"Brawl a boxer and box a brawler"

If you brawl a boxer, isn't the boxer boxing a brawler?  Makes no fucking sense.

I also like it when people say they've turned things around 360 degrees...

Yeah i get it I guess. Ex. Nam Phan vs Leonard Garcia Phone Post

Good answers Irule and Alexander, thanks.

FearTheJab -  Retarded thread. Think about what your saying. Make someone fihm Phone Post

Thanks for the bump douchebag. 

I agree on the 360 degrees comment, it bothers me when people say that. Same with de-thawing and irregardless.

notsobigmike - It could probably be more accurately phrased as a negative.

ie, don't box with a boxer, and don't get into a brawl with a brawler.
Would make more sense.  As it was, I just thought they were being retarded...


Its just the style of boxing to bring to the fight. Mickey explains it to his girl in the movie The Fighter

 Saying is fight a boxer and box a fighter/. Means get more technical if a guy is scrappier than you are, and get scrappier if a guy is more technical.

turning something 360 degrees actually makes sense. After u turn something 360° you are on the same point but you turned something completely around, sry but hard to explain when drunk -.-

Irule - People actually make this mistake a lot against Leben. Everyone knows he is a brawler, but they go out and just thrown down anyways. The best strategy against him is to stay back, choose your shots, and pick him apart. As much as I hate Bisping, he fought the perfect fight against a guy like Chris.

I'd say Anderson fought the perfect fight against him. Phone Post