This season TUF is a great improvement

 so far im really liking this season alot more than previous ones. I really like seeing just fights and training instead of some dudes running around the house naked. also the cast this season isnt that bad so far either, loved the fights last night!

I agree. Again, I'm not sure anybody in the cast is a stand out or going to make any noise in the UFC, but it feels a lot like the earliest seasons to me. Guys working hard trying to earn their big break, not just showing up and dicking around knowing that they are going to get at least one more fight in the UFC regardless of what they do.

 I agree.  The 2 fights per show is helping out a lot.  The cast so far seems very tolerable too.  Everyone was acting like Cameron was a huge tool last week.  He really doesn't seem all that bad and he looked awesome against someone who was supposed to be a favorite.

 yea I felt bad for ripping on him last week but he did seem like a tool then. I was actually cheering for him in that fight though, he did a great job against that loud mouth

'it feels a lot like the earliest seasons to me'

very well put

 I  agree, I have enjoyed the show thusfar.

The quality of the American fighters is a little rough (That Lester kid better not be showing up UFC cards, yeesh) but the less nonsense is a breathe of fresh air.  Bisping makes a good heel, too.

 I think it's smart to have the 2 fight episodes in the beginning and build up the fights in the semi's.  I missed the preview for next week, is it another 2 fight episode?

 I wasnt paying attention to the preview sorry

Good stuff, but the fighters seem to be of pretty low quality.

I mean, sure, he'd whip the shit out of me, but Lester looked like a guy in his 3rd month of striking training.

That's fine if you are Tim Credeur and are a whiz on the ground, but if that's your supposed strength?

 yeha lester was lucky to even be on the show with his first fight. those punches looked like arm punches too

 The guy he fought needs to learn some defense too.  He took a shitload of shots and would have been brutally ko'd by someone with a bit more power.

The fights have all been very good this season, a marked improvement of the last several seasons.

Wilks and Lester were both weaker fighters from both teams. Lester seems like a good guy but he was lucky to be on the show since his opponent knocked himself out. Nonetheless he showed a lot of heart and grit. Wilks looked like he knew what he was doing but didn't look particularly athletic or quick. An evenly matched, enjoyable fight.

Cameron Dollar impressed the shit out of me. He was in complete command and looked great against a guy he appeared to be very tough.

 Lester was TERRIBLE.  He got hit with everything thrown.  He mistook good footwork for wild circling, and on the ground he got caught in every submission possible. 

that Stapes and Dollar fight was awesome.... that was one of the best fights from TUF of all time

"I missed the preview for next week, is it another 2 fight episode?"


this will translate to the show having poorest rating ever and next season the entire junie family will be on the show

Wilks always looks like he's dazed, but he seems to recover well. He looked like he was on his way out during his prelim, about 1/2 second before submitting his opponent. I thought Lester had him in trouble early in round 1, but again, 1/2 second later Wilks was back on offense.

I think he just gets hit too much.

ISTM the fighting skills of the fighters in the series have gotten steadily poorer, after an initial upsurge (TUF 3) from the first shows.


 I like the USA vs UK thing.  Thought it would be gay but it's actually kind of compelling.

kungfugrip - this will translate to the show having poorest rating ever and next season the entire junie family will be on the show

Sadly, I think this is true.