This season TUF is a great improvement

Check out Team U.S. blog: DaMarques Johnson... it's a good read.

this is the first season since I got a DVR. I love it. fights only, and none of the in between garbo..

agreed best season in a long time

I don't see anyone on this season making a splash in the UFC, but I agree with the person who said these guys all seem to be working hard to win their fights and aren't out to make a jackass out of themselves. Damarques Johnson (and Cameron Dollar, who was basically just following the leader) started with some (super lame) pranks, but that seemed to fizzle out right after the US lost the first fight. Since then, nothing but training and fighting, with a little bit of bickering in between, but nothing overboard.

Dollar seems to have some self-doubt issues, but I like his honesty. Unlike Lester, who barked loudly about reconfiguring people's faces only to have his teeth knocked out, Dollar kept it real. And performed amazingly well.

Definitely one of the best seasons. So far. Thank goodness mini-Junie didn't make it into the house.

Now that you mention it, yes, this actually is a ton better than last season. Good call.

 The ppl are acting like grownups.  It's about time.  But why did Bisping not show up for his man's fight last week?

I'm liking it much more as well. Is there any word out about ratings for this season so far? It'd be interesting to see if it could be shown as more valuable when it's less about teabagging each other and eating Cumsicles