this season was awesome

team I was rooting for got swept,but the regular season and the playoffs were awesome.

I hope there is no lockout.

Without a doubt, it was definitely one of the most interesting. I have been a Heat fan all my life, and it is so funny that now we have a good team all of a sudden I'm a bandwagon fan. This is the first season since 2006 I wore my precious Mourning, Miner, and Rice jerseys, they are so old that I am afraid of getting them ruined.

Whatever all in all they had a successful season in my eyes for being a brand new rebuilt team, the only way to shut the haters up was to win that ring & it was a shame that they came up a little short, but there is always next year.

Was very good, if only I had a team within 500 kms

After the Mav's swept my Lakers, I was rooting for them.

I've been a Jason Kidd fan since Cal days and was great to see him and Dirk get a ring.

The amount of close games was amazing this year.

Loved this season. Hoping the Knicks can keep advancing.

Yeah the new monsters next season I think will be the following:

OKC (+ Perkins)
Grizzlies (They realized their potential this year)
Knicks (Melo & Amare developing their chemistry, possible addition of CP3)

one of the most exciting playoffs in a long time imo.

Seeing new teams rise up was a lot of fun. Even though LA lost I enjoyed the overall NBA season more than I have in a long time.

 This season had the best postseason I can remember, other than those the Knicks went deep in.  Love or hate the Miami Heat but they gave you at least 82 more games to care about.