This season's fights SUCK!

I thought this season's fights were to be the best yet? Tonite's rates up
there with one of TUF's most boring eva! I'm always down for a good
ground war, but they spent half of their time resting on the ground. These
fighters have no chance against the current champs. I say bring back the
fresh blood. These guys were dropped by the UFC for a reason.

The ref should have stood them up a number of times.

With that said, Pete Sell is pretty tough and Chainsaw can take a punch well.

I totally enjoyed that fight. Very technical ground positioning, with some real close sub attempts. Both guys put on a great show.

The reason why is because the's guys games are good and it pretty much cancel's out alot of shit. Not to metnion they are cautious as hell because alot of them have a lot riding on this. They atta just let go and start swinging for the fences.

The Calf Cruncher

i agree it was a technical fight position wise and if you train for a month of two you can understand why you cant always "swing for the fences" great fight on both of the fighters and though not a fight that the average beer guzzeling "mainstream" fan would understand anyone with a class or two of grappling should have gotten entertainment from this fight.

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