this sh*t s*cks

i lost my freaking job today..when i was hired they knew i was a fighter and would need alot of days off.i am going to fight in australia, my work knew about it for weeks. so what do the assholes do. they give somebody else there vacation and deny mine. what do i do cancelmy fight. i cant do that to a promoter, so i told them i have to go. they said i would not have a job. they have been short handed for months and have not gotten off of there lazy asses and hired anybody..they have 2 people to jobs that takes 5 people. i hate losing a steady job for something that is just a sport for me, but i dont have a choice..oh yeah fuck albertsons and i hope nobody ever shops there again.

I'm sorry to hear that sweetie. I hope you come back home with a fat paycheck! atleast to cover things for awhile till you find a new job.

You can always file for FMLA for two weeks & companies cant fire you.

FMLA = Family Medical Leave Act

jobs come and go. everyone has them. few people are lucky enough to be able to fight for money. i'm sure you'll fund a new job, and good luck in your fight.

yeah but i already asked for the time off for the fight. i think they would fight going to have to fight even harder going to need the win

SCREW THEM!! find a better job!

most companies don't understand the life of a fighter.....they probably don't care either

I admire your dedication. I cancelled my last fight because of work, and I kick myself for it, because I love to fight and hate to work.

Keep fighting the good fight, brother. Good luck.

Don't you guys in the US have unfair dismissal laws?

Sorry to hear about the job.

You should strike.....haha

I know lame joke

I've never heard of Albertsons', but it's the last time I shop/get my car fixed/sleep/ice skate/get pizza there. You're right: this sh*t s*cks.

Sucks being a MMA fighter at this time.

I think it's up to us Aussie's to make sure Vince has a great time when he's here, win, lose or draw, to make the job loss a little easier to take.

I'll be in Melbourne for the show and will endeavour to buy you a drink afterwards !


"You can always file for FMLA for two weeks & companies cant fire you."

Uh, I doubt fighting in an MMA competition would qualify under the FMLA. Trying to tie in MMA with Family Medical Leave makes no sense.

Sorry to hear that, don't worry about those assholes. They are probably jealous of you traveling to Australia to fight.

Good luck with Soa...

I'm sure you will recover from this tragedy.

sorry buddy, just relax and have a brew though. there's so many jobs out there

I wonder if the promoter would be as loyal to you?

You'd better vote for John Kerry to insure that you can actually find another job!!

Re-Elect George W. Bush, there is no other choice.