This site is doomed

If this is the new and future of the site, my 21 years are over. Site traffic , I’d imagine will show them what a mistake they made…


I agree. I have been trying to remain positive but this is horrendous.


Yeah. It’s way worse than I thought it would be, and I had very low expectations. It’s comical how incapable these people are at running a functioning website.

You guys must be App users. Brave and DuckDuckGo on Droid work fine. Then change the theme and it’s pretty near perfect without the goddamn defresh nonsense.


Just use chrome on your phone. Change the theme to one you like. Works a million times better than the old hunk of shit app did.


Using the app works fine. If the ads bother you spend $12 for a place you come daily for years. I miss the old forum because I am a creature of habit but I don’t get the hate on this and I wanted to hate it because I am stubborn.


Nah. The site is just fine. Message boards are meant to be viewed on Desktops. Stuff like Twitter and Tik Tok are meant for phones etc.

This. The new site is actually pretty damn good. It’s an upgrade in every way. For you iphone app users, can’t help you there. I run it through chrome as a web app on android and it works perfect.

I use the iOS app and didn’t like it initially. I prefer it over the old app now.

Brave too.

When I say app, I am referring the Discourse one. It works fine, especially with a pro membership that gets rid of the ads.

You calling me a tranny?

I am a filthy mud using chrome on my phone and I haven’t seen any ads. Maybe I shouldn’t mention that.

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I liked the simplicity of the old one. It sucks it took 18 years for it to become stable …

This one is ok though, just gotta get used to it and it’s nuances.


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The discourse app works perfectly.


Im out. I OG at work only and the 2 previous versions of this forum worked very well. Sure, they were choppy and blocky, but very easy to navigate.
Maybe one weekend when i have nothing to do (and thats rare), i might take some time to peruse this pile of shit.
But for now, peace y’all.
If anything, my already astounding work production is about to go thru the roof. Also, you just made life for a few of my suborinates a living hell.

Take care OG

Discourse app plus a pro membership. Try it before you bail.

Wtf is that badge? I haven’t seen that one before

It’s the old OG logo … Einstein’s head coming out of the toilet. :man_shrugging: