This site is doomed

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You’re jealous … fine. How hot are you? :kissing_heart:

The only “issues” that I’ve found are on the app.
Works perfectly fine from a browser. You can change the appearance and the settings and all that jazz.

It’s probably two issues you are experiencing.

  1. Resistance to Change
  2. User error

It really doesn’t, and what user error could anyone possibly be having? It’s a goddamn Internet forum, not particle physics.

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Not understanding how to use the site, for one.
I call that user error.

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I’m using android and duckduckgo and it has not been running “perfect”. Its a pain in the ass.

Long threads are a pain, I cant do those anymore. Every few minutes while scrolling thru, I get a super scroll that skips like 10 posts. So I gotta back up and find my place. Then it will bottom out early and I have to use the quick scroll button to try to line up where I left off - ex, thread has 500 posts, I’ll bottom at 50. Then I gotta try to line up quick scroller to 51, and if u pull your finger away or hold too long boom you’re at 180 and gotta try again.

Sucks donkey

I wanted to hate it and I did for about 2 hours until I stopped being a pussy and let it have it’s way with me. It’s better… do I miss frames, yes I fucking do, but it’s got lots more going for it!

Maybe I’m behind the times. Everyone uses their phone. I am old school and use a laptop and sometimes a desktop. I can see this working on a phone but it’s difficult to accept on a computer!

Change everything you do to accommodate this one site or app.

I wouldn’t do that if I could. That being said, I, like many folks, access this place during the day on devices managed by my employers protocols and can’t. And I’m not about to go and purchase devices, so I can configure them in a way that makes this place work.

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Lot less posters Im noticing I post a news article and a good one would generate many views, Lot less since the change. I understand the change but the volume has jumped ship. foe now. Sigh

I was referring to mobile browsers. I haven’t tried Edge, IE or Chrome but the forums work flawlessly on my laptop with Firefox.

This place is full of GenXers that act worse than boomers :joy:


Jesus dude, who has time to build a supercomputer! I simply don’t have the room.

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Download Brave browser.
Go to browser settings and change to night mode.
It’s much better than the app. No ads and in night mode the posts are more distinguishable.

I am not a big fan, it’s unfortunate, I am not happy to say that because I really like and respect Kirik and Chris.

If this was any other forum run by other people I would have been a lot harsher.


How do you have custom titles? Does a mod or admin have to change it for you? I only have none or “Regular” as options.

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I’m honestly loving the new app for ease of use. But I guess quite a lot of people feel differently.
I’ve honestly never had any issues with the new setup other than adjusting to the new features

For anyone struggling with the App I’d recommend using Chrome on a tablet and switching to Alien Dark theme. The App shouldn’t even be available it’s such broken crap

It’s at least made me wanna continue coming here, it’s still nowhere near as fun and easy to navigate as it was, but at least it doesn’t make me wanna stab my eyes out.

Learning to like some of the plus points too. Nice to come back into a thread and it takes me to the last entry I read.

I still think most of the good middle aged posters will desert this place now though which will make all of it meaningless anyway.