This site is doomed

So you need to use this site differently than literally every other site on the internet. It’s fucking amazing to me that this line of reasoning actually makes sense to some people.

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I struggled at first but switching themes and dark mode made it much better. Just give it time.

It’s terrible. [quote=“zealot66, post:1, topic:3663219, full:true”]
If this is the new and future of the site, my 21 years are over. Site traffic , I’d imagine will show them what a mistake they made…

You need to drop Chris a message

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Contact Chris or @ him for your custom title.

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It took about an hour to figure out for most people.

You can change settings so the appearance and performance is suited to you. If you don’t even bother to take the time to do that, or figure it out, then don’t bitch about the site.

With any update/change, there are going to be people who hate it. But that’s mostly because people don’t like change, even if it’s for the better.

And this app/site already works so much better with the update. There’s some bugs here and there, but that’s normal with any new site/app.

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Which app are you referring to because there are two. The discourse hub app or the app (only on iOS at the moment) with news, fighters etc.

I’ve had a near flawless experience with the discourse app on android. I’ve never tried the iOS version because I don’t wear velcro shoes.

What theme are you using?

Yeah, you’re making my point for me. They couldn’t create a website that works like the rest of the entire goddamn internet. Does another website even exist that takes anyone an entire hour to figure out how to use?
I mean obviously it’s not that difficult but Jesus Christ the fuck ups that run this place.

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Twitter took a while. But it’s not very popular so…


Sure. There are tons of other websites that you can customize settings to your preference. Appearance, performance, etc.

Sorry you’re new to the internet.

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This is a pretty straightforward forum. It’s really not that different from others, imo. There are threads and replies. Not sure why that’s difficult to understand.

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Goddamn it, I hate agreeing with you.

It does bring ones last meal to the back of their throat when he’s right about something.

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Like the rest of the internet? They are using Discourse, a major and top rated forum software that is widely used.

The problem here isn’t everyone else and the common forum software.

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Like trying to survive after giving up Facebook…

I’ve managed without facebook and I was kinda a big deal there…not as big a deal as Dougie… but big…

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I do mostly OG on my laptaop, but when I use the app I’ve been using the discourse app way more than the original app.