“ this situation is bigger than us firing him”

Translation= We will definitely not be firing him. 



Absofuckinglutely not. Mcgregor just earned himself a criminal record and a fuck off payday. His next fight will be either a blood fued with Khabib or a duel championship fight with Holloway. An absolute cunt of a thing to do but even in this he’s incresed his value. 

Nobody actually believed they would fire him right? He’s not some low level guy that put out a tasteless tweet. 

They only make examples out of the expendable ones.  

When will you all learn. The dooble champ does what the fook he wants 

Lol he’s not JT money. He’s getting paid. Not fired. 

How can this be as per Dana White, the worst act in UFC history, and so far, McGregor hasn't even been suspended. The UFC must have hired Ronda Rousey's disaster PR response team.