This sports coolest moment was....

At the last Pride when Barnett and CroCop face each other both after intense violent wars, and about to fight for probably the most prestigious title in the sport, and they talk to each other so normal about it too the point that Barnett tells CroCop that he's got something in his eye, and CroCop's completely normal real reaction, as if nothing so serious was about to go down,as if they were colleauges at the water cooler.

That just kind of explains fighters to anyone who isn't a fighter. It explains that these intense matches are just another day in the life for us. That we don't fight because we are angry, that we fight because we are happy that we are fighting and that it is a normal part of our lives. That moment was probably the greatest illustration of the mentality and commrodority of the athletes in this sport.

I just liked it.

If I can show everyone in the world one MMA fight, it would be that one just on that staredown alone.

Excellent example.

that was cool, but i think it caught cro cop a little off guard. psychological ploy perhaps?

incorrect....Barrnet was just messing with CroCops head

I also think that it was a ploy. To what end I have no idea, but if it was meant to cause Crocop to lighten up it apparently didn't work. I am a fan of Josh BTW. I really believed that he had a chance to take Mirko.

it was just a move to get inside his head a bit and you can see it worked
as Crocop continued to play with his eye as he went back to his corner,
however, he definitly got over it

That type of thing is a rare exception, not the rule.

Crocop had an eye boogey

For me, the coolest moment in MMA was when Randy Couture beat up Vitor Belfort in 1997.

It's just one of those moments that I want everyone to see, to explain who we are.

Plus if it was a ploy why would Barnett correct him and say that it's his left eye not his right. Because it was really there.

nah i think barnett was serious.

it's spelled "camraderie" though.

It was definitely cool to see. Put both of them on a level that was pretty respectable. The only other example I can think of off the top of my head was the Curran/Krazy Horse fight. Randomly smelling each other before the fight then they "shook" hands, both with ear to ear grins on their face. They just looked like they were having a blast.

On that note, anyone got a gif of the Cro Cop/Barnett staredown?

The Mishima/Krazy Horse fight was pretty funny/cool too.

At the staredown/rule review, KH just starts muggin to the camera and then Mishima caps it off with a schoolboy hello to the camera himself.

Then KH just sits up on the turnbuckle at the bell, so Mishima just walks in a circle, claps his hands together and gets the crowd to chant his name.

KH recognized he was matched in his game and him and Mishima gave each other props.

You guys missed what was going on. Barnett was pointing out Crocops damage from the previous fight, he also pointed to his own eye. They were comparing targets. It was funny.

LOL whatever... you say guys sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.