This Star Wars game trailer is better than all of the sequels and prequels combined. Change my view

Change my view. How did George Lucas and the Disney writing team somehow do a worse job with a total of 6 movies than a literal 5 minute game trailer for knights of the old republic? FFS, why not just adapt this trailer or any of the Knights of the Old Republic stuff for the big screen or small screen. I definitely like the Mandalorian, don’t get me wrong, but it could have been better.


The problem with today’s star wars is Kathleen Kennedy.


I never plays knights in the day and it came out for Xbox one a while ago… I don’t get the gype that game gets its OK if you like RPG turn based… And I hate those so it got like 30 minutes out of me…

Not my bag but that looks amazing

SWTOR is the best Star Wars content there is.

Fully voiced and animated storylines that put you in the center of your own movie and that movie is VERY long and epic.

You aren’t hero number 2, you are a Sith Lord on the Dark Council facing down an emperor while combatting the republic… or you are THE prodigy Jedi coming up to deal with the Sith who started out by kicking your ass and taking your training temple…

The Agent story is space james bond shit, really great stuff.

The game engine is crap which hindered it but it still looks decent and the cut scenes and story line is extremely good.

Plus you can play most if not all of it totally free, altho it is worth the subscription fee for sure.

this is a mmo, very fast paced

Dude they’re remaking KOTR for Xbox Series X and PS5. Watch this. Can’t wait.


ohhhhhhhhh shit!

Yeah games aside, that trailer gives off Dune vibes rather than Star Wars. If they fucking made that into movie or tv series, whole swathes of people who would have normally hated Star Wars would end up becoming fans.

What an amazing vision, even if its just 5 minutes long.

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That trailer is old as shit it says coming 2015 haha

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The OT Star Wars was already heavily influenced by Dune.

yeah it was an expansion of the mmo, SWTOR gives the expansions away if you are a subscriber

they have another new expansion coming in november i think this year

Jesus, and I thought KOTR was Aweosme!


Kennedy and her ilk would be OUTRAGED that the centerpiece of that trailer is 3 white men. And the only visible female in the clip is killed by (drum roll please) a man.

Hell, I’m not sure the game designers themselves would make such a trailer today, we’re lucky we got this ~6 years ago. Most game devs have gone off the SJW deep end - even if they don’t believe it themselves, they see catering to those loons as the easiest way to avoid a shitload of Twitter-driven controversy over their hard work.

Just to play devil’s advocate, the biggest AAA games of this past generation (Ghost of Tsushima, RDR 2, God of War) are all masculine af. Very little weird progressive bullshit in them.

God of War’s main theme is the role fathers play in their son’s lives.

But yeah I agree with you. Granted for the major AAA action game releases will avoid the weird shit by and large.


the main writer for the game is a leftist cum basket



The developers have hired radical feminist and raving far left extremist Sam Maggs for the KotOR reboot.

This is the same Sam Maggs who claimed that she was raped in a videogame because someone teabagged her in GTA once. Seriously.


Last of Us 2…

Whomever has the power to fire this creature and fails to do so needs a bit of the ole ultraviolence.

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I don’t really care about Star Wars, but that Sam Maggs is a Fag.