This Summer - Guns N Roses - Wolfgang Van Halen Tour

Guns N’ Roses have announced rescheduled dates for their 2020 US tour, which was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With an additional 14 dates, the tour now commences July 31 at the Hersheypark Stadium in Pennsylvania, and is set to feature Wolfgang Van Halen’s Mammoth WVH as a supporting act.

This, of course, will mark a rather stratospheric touring debut for WVH, who has to date only played a handful of TV appearances, most recently with an acoustic performance of Distance on the Today Show .

The run promises a “massive touring production”, and will wrap up with two back-to-back shows at the Hard Rock Live arena in Florida on October 2 and 3.


$430 per ticket for nosebleeds. Yeah, I love GNR, but no thanks. $40 for a cup of beer, they can get fucked.


He should honor his father by not going out.

If he had his father’s guitar skills I’d get but… Dude… Don’t

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Absurd , especially after last year

Tickets, in general, are absurdly expensive. The UFC is here tomorrow. Price is twice what it was last time they came.

Its all insane now

That fat whale shouldn’t be on stage anywhere. He’s a total joke.

apparently he inherited his mothers love of the unlimited breadsticks at Olive Garden

you know where you are? you at the buffet baby, you gonna diiiiiiiiiine

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Jesus, every time I see a new pic he’s even fatter than the last one.

The price is ridiculous, I wouldn’t pay that much to see GnR and Van Halen in their prime for that much.

Wolfgang lost his dad so I have nothing bad to say about him beyond he’s not his dad and beyond his last name there’s no justification for that ticket price.

He takes after his mom Valerie Bertandernie.

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NO, I think he ATE his mom, Valerie Bertanelli

You’d have to eat more than one person to get that fat.

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Lol, you son of a bitch. I’m super sore and you just made me laugh way to hard.

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