This thing is bigger than I thought. (Pic)



Looks badass

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They’re definitely big and take a little getting used to. But they are awesome machines

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Season 3 Nbc GIF by The Office


What are the HP and TQ ratings on that monster?

monster truck transformers GIF by ADWEEK

702 HP
650 torque


Just adopt me already, bro.

I’m surprised it fit into your garage (height).

I didn’t get the lights on the bar because I was worried it would not fit… (thats what she said)

Only thing that could make that pic more American is a US bikini clad babe washing the cars!

Any interior pics?

Ive been more interested in Ram lately and hearing how much better they are now. Might be in the market for a diesel soon

what year Chevelle is that?

I’ll snap some when I leave the office. The interior is as nice as any car I have ever owned.

I have a 2018 Cummins 2500. Great truck but expect more maintenance (3 gallons oil, periodic fuel filters, etc).

Severnsmustache shitting all over my life again lol dudes living the dream.

My dad and I worked on it together when I was 14-16 years old. I learned how to work on cars from him on this exact car.
Dad died when I was 17 and I had to sell it at 19 because I was broke and needed a reliable car to drive to work so I traded it in on a used ford explorer. (the dealership ripped me off)
A friend of my dad bought it from the dealer and put it in storage for 10 years, knowing that I would regret selling it down the road. When I started making some money and got married the called me and asked me over to his house for dinner. We went in the garage and he told me to pull the cover off the car and boom, there was my chevelle.
He just asked me to pay him what he bought it for.


Very nice Ram!

Very cool, great story with a happy ending

is it by chance the LS-6 option 454 cowl induction?