This.....this is uncool

From wrestlingdotcom:

  • Carlito won't find this so cool as the current US champion will be sidelined for three months after separating his shoulder at a live event last week. Cool is still tentatively scheduled to wrestle at the Survivor Series while injured but after that he will have to undergo surgery to repair his shoulder. What will happen of the US title is still unknown although tonight's Smackdown! tapings will probably shed some light over what the future holds.


Holy crip it's a crapple!

that sucks.

*spits chewed apple all over thread*

thats not cool.

Guy has talent.

What will Jesus do?

Although, expect Carlito to be about twenty pounds heavier and ripped when he comes back. I head they have very good "Vitamins" for rehab down in the Carribean. And that..... that is cool.

Ogawa ownz Carlito