This thread is about a lw fighter

Guess who it is!!!

If Yves and Manny ever fought....I think Yves would win


"Hab you theen my baseball? Frankths and beans!"

"Piggyback wide, piggyback wide"

"He was masturbading!"

*Just a few lines from the upcoming movie "There's Something About Manny".


MANNY!!! Come check yourself out buddy!!!


Those are great pics. You've made up for the endless Yves Edwards worship thread with this performance. Way to stick it to Manny "The Talking Monkey" Reyes. Nice job!

Since we are talking about jokes, what do you get when you cross a Reyes with a chimpanzee? A retarded chimpanzee... Old joke, but aside from the insult to all the chimps out there, it applies quite well. Manny is sewer bacteria, nothing more.

Geyes is one ugly SOB. That cannot be argued.

Hey fairweather jokermaniac, I dont need your accolades and will continue to make Yves Edwards threads for all eternity. Not even Manny can stop Yves mania!!!

I laughed so hard I'm crying!!! LOL

Yeah he'll bitchslap the back of Yves' hand with his face. Everyone thank Rick James for the photoshops!!!



Who are you talking about? I haven't read the thread.

LOL and I thought it would be about Yves.

L O L.

I would feel sorry for Manny if he wasn't such a douche.

This thread deserves a TTT




Great thread!

Great thread, I love the one where Manny Sr. is dragging him to the car, but he won't go without his computer!!!! LMFAO

You guys have to much time on your hands...LMAO again!