This thread is perfect

When he went to the WWF his proms where great with the bowling and basketball.

*spits gum in the air tries to hits it and misses*

The fuckin MAN!!!!! Any clips of his promos online??

When I play golf, I hit a hole in one EVERY TIME.

Hulk Hogan, you can't do that.


Is it true that all of the videos of his sports feats/accomplishments were first takes?

Mr. Perfect was no gimmick, Dr.


"A little trivia. Who did he win the AWA tag titles with?"Scott Hall chico.

That last pic is perfectly gay.

Hall looked like Dan Severn there. And Perfect's theme song is a rip off of Ben Hur's theme. I realize it immediately when the movie was played.

Mr. Perfect was one of my all-time favorites when I was a kid.


I thought so. It was admirable that he stuck with wrestling when he
could have easily dominated the NBA, the PBA, and the darts league.

"How did he die?"

I think it was a cocaine overdose. They found his body in a hotel room. What a shame.

LOL @ scott hall's mustache

Funny pic

Curt Henning teamed with Magnum PI holy shit.

in memory of perfect, i slap or kick my gum every time i spit it out!

me too