This UFC = bad PPV

I'm still on the fence as to whether to order this UFC. I purchased the last 2 out of 3 UFC's and besides the awesome Lidell vs. Ortiz main event, everything else just looks like a TUF fight that I should watch on Spike TV.

the ufc can't fuck with Pride's NYE show

Besides Barnett vs Nougeara at Pride, that looks kind of lame too.

This card is the best card of the Year.

The last free Spike TV show was a better card than this $40 PPV.

I've been watching UFC since UFC #1 in 1994 and that's why I want to see better, bigger names on the card, not TUF fighters.

I looked again and the Bisping vs Red fight might be good too. I'll probably end up ordering it, but it seems like instead of 10 UFC's or whatever they have now, they should have maybe 8 and the cards would be so much better.

Wow it's amazing how people bitch about cards. Do people on NFL forums bitch about who their team is playing each week?

Both the UFC and Pride will be awesome, and years down the road the UFC show in particular will be looked back upon as a milestone for MMA in the US.

If anyone has the motivation to visit an MMA-related website I don't see how the fuck he/she could be so ambivalent about watching such important events lol

Only reason I'm buying is because of Tito and Chuck. The Pride card is a
better lineup overall...not even close.

I agree with DravenTyler on TUF.... TUF hasn't so much provided us with the fighters today as it has the mainstream publicity. The liklihood of this drawing such huge PPV #'s is a function of what TUF has revealed to the masses -- we (i.e. non-TUF noobs) all new it was there before but it took catchy packaging to help others realize it

Yet another gripe

If you want to gripe, gripe about UFC tix being unaffordable to attend anymore

They really should drop Griffin, Jardine, Bisbing, and Leben and bring back Joe Son, Gerard Gordeu, Tela Tuli, and Art Jimmerson to make this card worthwile to us oldtimers.

"Tito Vs CHuck 2 is the biggest fight to ever happen in MMA history."

Yeah, according to the UFC. The Tito Ken fight was huge too. That didn't make it a good fight.

"I dont get the complaints unless you just started watching mma then I can understand"

Actually, I see it as the exact opposite. This fight is only exciting if you just started watching MMA. Long term viewers have already seen it, and anyone who is knowledgeable about the sport is not buying into the hype.

The UFC card is middling, but the matchmaking looks to be pretty good entertainment-wise.

I like more of the Pride NYE matches. But, honestly, the utter dogshit matchups are on Pride's card: Minowa-Tamura, Thompson-Yoshida, and Fujita-Kurtanidze.

In actuality this PPV may be one of the few I actually want to order...

"Griffen/Jardine #1 contender fight."

I hope not.

Nonsense, there are at least 7 fights worth looking to. If this card does not look good to you, then MMA must not be your thing.

I like the card just fine, I just don't see it as the greatest UFC card ever. Tito/Chuck hold no suspense or anticipation for me. Plenty of fights on the card though...

Personally . I CANT WAIT !

It would be great if there were another meaningful fight on the card, but I'll be ordering it just like always.

Personally, I am more interested in a prospective announcement than any fight on the show.

"Personally . I CANT WAIT !"

The only thing I am looking forward to is the end of your goggle pics on every thread that mentions Chuck or Tito.

It would be nice to see a stacked UFC card, this one is mediocre. I'm more excited for any announcements than most of the fights.