This vid has nine million hits on youtube, WTF?

I mean don't get me wrong, it's pretty cool, but nine million fucking hits???!

It's amazing the type of shit that goes viral.

She is good with those accents and fucking gorgeous to boot. I can see quite easily why it has so many views. Phone Post

She has the devil in her! Phone Post 3.0

What was her name again? Phone Post 3.0

its because stupid people keep sharing it

Judge Mental - 

its because stupid people keep sharing it

You cut me deep cut me deep....

Which one is the real one?!??!?!

Texas accent was terrible. Phone Post

It's the screen cap.  She's a decent looking girl and that's what you see, so you click it.


Screen caps on youtube are serious business.  Some people use fake ones to get hits on their vids.


Protip: to see the screencap of a youtube video, right click it and click 'stop download'


Your welcome.

South Carolina's accent made me want to fap.

I would have sex with all this white girls. Phone Post