This was a set up all along

I bet BLAF didn't even tell Nick Diaz there was a press conference in Canada.

 I tend to agree that they decided some last-minute shuffling would be good.  Saves the faces of the Welterweight division from snuffing each other out. 

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Can someone explain WTF this set-up bullshit came from?

wouldn't press conference details be passed on to Cesar as well as Nick?

 Makes no sense cutting Diaz over some dumb press appearance.  Seems even odder they get his coach on the phone during the conference.  No way to know (unless you are Hammers Hamil) but some sort of concerted swap would answer a lot of these odd questions. 

I always thought it was too weird for ceasar to call dana at the perfect time during the press conference. Diaz had the video queued up perfectly on youtube too. Epic troll job.

i dont buy it. diaz vs gsp was a better fight than gsp vs condit. wont sell as many ppv's imo. and if there intention with this so called "set up' was to build hype, they did it way to soon. this story will be dead by monday and everyone will move on.

personally i think the UFC was unhappy with Diaz and decided they needed to make an example. They began to worry about the what if's

what if Diaz beats GSP and then refuses to play by the UFC's rules

The UFC likes to maintain control of everything. They dont seem to have much control over Diaz and i think that scared and pissed them off.

My guess is Diaz will never see a title shot unless he starts to kiss some serious ass. They will match him up with Penn , then if he wins he will have to fight Fitch , Then if he beats fitch they will try to set him up with his partner Shields.

you fuck with the bull....................

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Can someone explain WTF this set-up bullshit came from?

I don't know how anyone can make it any clearer for you, bro. Maybe you're just dumb. It happens.