This week we go to the Rock

She's a bitch of a 1 mile track, but I love that they race here after Daytona. At the start of the season when you have a chance to get new interest in the sport I think its great that you have two of the most opposite tracks back to back. Restrictor racing is great at times but give me some old bumping action. I just can't wait for Darlington and Richmond. So who do you see as the top three?

1. Kevin Harvick. Great article about his practice times driving a BUSCH car! He is my sleeper pick since he usually does not drive well here. I think this may be his year though to win the points.

2. Matt Kenseth. I don't know why I am picking him this high, I just think he is a little pissed about last week.

3. Tony Stew. I hate taking him so high, but he is going to be a top 3 driver in points going into the last 10 races.

One thing about me picking Harvick to win the points, this new system benifits him a ton. He always has strong end of the year runs and if he can hang in the top 10 until then we are going to see some killer racing down the stretch. Tony, Dale, Kevin, Matt, Jimmy, etc. a bunch of young, hungry guys that want the title BAD!

Neuwman has the pole

got the winner

Yep, kensteh was quick all day, nice finish though can't get much closer then that