This Weekend In Europe: M-1 Challenge/Magalhaes

 Our UG home boy Vinny Magalhaes heads to Russia to fight in M-1 Challenge 22 this weekend, but there's some really well matched Euro bouts going on too, like this one:

The light-heavyweight championship fight will feature two of the most promising European prospects in that weight class; 22-year-old Vyacheslav Vasilevski (10-1) and 20-year-old Tomasz Narkun (4-0). The Russian being more experienced fighter and having a dominant victory over UFC vet Xavier Foupa-Pokam should be the favorite. However, Narkun, with his extremely dynamic grappling skills, should not be counted out. Suffice to say that the Berserkers Szczecin standout needed less than combined four minutes to beat his last three opponents in M-1 and claim the victory in the Western European Selection tournament.

More there, for those of you interested in the wide world of MMA!

TTT for Vinny MegaAnus!

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Vinny Magalhaes looked sluggish but still grappled Alihan Magomedov to a pretzel.

Vinny won by triangle in Rd 2.

Congrats to Vinny. I hope we get to him fight soon here in Finland too.


That's a pretty damn sweet sub