This whole Toe2Toe situation....

I posted this in another thread earlier, in response to fight agents vouching for companies who don't pay fighters what's owed. Let me break it down like this. It's called having a business plan. Businesses and companies struggle all the time, especially in our economy. But a good business owner has a plan and when a business is headed in the wrong direction. Seeing the warning signs and reacting proactively is key. The fighters that are owed money here have said they have been given the runaround. If that's true, it's UNACCEPTABLE. It's a different story if a sponsor says, "look, we're having some problems right now. But we'll take care of you as best we can, and when we get restructered we'll make good on everything". That doesn't seem to be the case here.
Businesses hit hard times for alot of reasons. Usually cash flow problems. Spending more money than what's coming in, etc. When your company is financing with debt as opposed to equity, your business is headed for trouble. I'm not sure If that's the case here, but just because a guys a "good dude" doesn't make him a guy who can make good business decisions. I'm not trying to bash the guy, but I'm tired of seeing people come on here to defend Toe2Toe without even knowing how shit is supposed to work.

Unfortunately, most business owners don't realize how much money it takes to run a business, just as many businesspeople fall into the trap of anticipating their customers and suppliers paying early. In actuality, however, receivables may take 60 days to come in while you've already had to pay for supplies and payroll.

Understand what it takes to get a revolving line of credit before you start your business. It's always easier to get money when you don't need it, so don't wait until you're desperate. Develop your business plan using conservative projections and don't be overly optimistic.

There are ways to avoid shit like this from happening. Good business practices like PAYING FIGHTERS what's owed, having a business plan, and not spending more than what's coming in are just a few.

Sorry for the FRAT, but let's break the down the situation for what it is here. Pay the fucking fighters. It's simple.


LOL At mister business expert here.

It's easy to run your mouth and pretend you know what you're talking about. It's also easy to watch a fight and talk shit like you know better than the fighter.

Bottom line is, the OP moron has no clue what the internal situation is with t2t and should shut his pie hole with his 2 week old account trying to be some sort of master of business education stating the most obvious things that everyone already knows.

mega frat