This Will be the Worst Christmas Retail Season Ever

Why don’t you ask worthless cire to delete more of your failure threads you pathetic fool. You’re such a joke

Trim bitch: oh- I’m just asking innocent questions- why won’t pundit entertain my curiousity?

It’s cause you’re a cunt- as evidenced by what you claim was the start of all this. You magically left this beginning part out in the other thread when you tried to pretend this started with me insulting your poor fat family.
You started out as a little bitch misunderstanding all you see- you haven’t strayed from that position.

Me and my family are in great shape.

Most likely Better than 90% of the OG

And much better than you

My pics during COVID when I was in the worst shape is on here. Many times

Im a truth teller dude. Im not a dick tucker

You’re embarrassing yourself so badly and digging your hole so deep you won’t be able to come back from it

So stop & Go get help before you hurt yourself

Hahaha- keep telling yourself that fatty as you and your fat family of 3 eat $60 of McDonald’s and think that’s normal dinner consumption for healthy adults.

You’re a pathetic fool. Literally every post you direct at me- the hundreds and hundreds of them- all contain your emotional assumptions based on literally zero actual substance. You demand answers from me on things you want to know, but can’t answer a SINGLE thing when told to produce evidence of the accusations you make of me.

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Happy Thanksgiving you filthy animals

lol. Unlike you … my life on here is not a lie. I’ve met OGERS in real life lol

Strangers from other cities

Can anyone on here vouch for your claims.

Lol what evidence do you need to see that our family isn’t fat lol (is that what you’re hanging your hat on?)

If I post a pic and shut you down I’m afraid you won’t be able to take it and you’ll hurt yourself

I just like calling you fat cause you’re obviously super insecure about it, fatty. That McDonald’s thread sure was a good laugh.

You’re a pathetic little bitch. You fucking dream of me. You follow me around this board, make threads about me, attribute all your imaginative leftist political positions and claim I am ranting about them, act like an unabashed cunt, and still feel entitled to shit.

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I swear a lot of you morons need reading comprehension classes. It’s not about Trump. It’s ALL ABOUT YOU! You don’t want to accept that you got what you want and were tricked. OWN YOUR SHIT! No man should be so concerned about what another man does when it comes to changing his own circumstances. You can’t and apparently won’t so just don’t reply because I swear I could not care any less. I don’t live in the US anymore. You can sell it all to china if you want but what I think is stupid is how grown men assign blame for their own shitty situations. ALL OF THE SHIT IN YOUR LIFE IS YOUR FAULT! Not a politician.

Looks like the opposite.

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lol. how can this not be true, when price of thanksgiving dinner is up over 25%? the dinner is essential. now people don’t have any money left for retail.

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You posted about trump. Now you’re screeching. Are you 12?

Fake news. The data is in. Your doom and gloom wave of nonexistent holiday shopping was proven false. Be happy people aren’t suffering to the extent you thought they would. It’s a good thing

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I just posted an article, friend.

If you don’t believe there’s a correlation between record inflation and smaller lines for Christmas shopping, I don’t know what else to say.

Record. breaking. spending.

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Black Friday was completely dead and all the deals SUCKED.

Ding ding ding! Bold prediction came through!

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it’s not a good thing when spending is up 2.9% but inflation is something like 10%. but troll on and ignore this if you want.

it is clear that you are either stupid or a troll. maybe both

Except for the fact that it broke records- even with ‘shitty deals’