This women knows what she's talking about.

The 3 generational curses are 

1. A non-2 parent household

2. Lacking of good financial education and finances (government reliance)

3. Lack of value in education

^ remember, lots of SJW types these days say that lists like that are "Racist"

this whole end Anti Asian hate thing is based on how they think the "model minority" label given to Asians in the 60s, because they followed those 3 principles and some others, is considered a "tool of white supremacy"

SJWs (even Asian ones who subscribe to this nonsense) say the "model minority" is a MYTH, bc people wont do better in life jus tby following some basic principles/rules/standards in life

im 100% serious

Why the ‘model minority’ myth is harmful

Many have pointed out that racial violence against Asian Americans often goes overlooked because of persistent stereotypes about the community. “There is a stereotype and an assumption that Asian Americans have privilege, that they have high socioeconomic status and education, and that any discrimination doesn’t really happen or feel legitimate,” says Bianca Mabute-Louie, a racial justice educator. “There are these assumptions about ways that Asian Americans have ‘succeeded’ in this country.”

Mabute-Louie cites the pervasiveness of the model minority myth as a large contributing factor to the current climate. That false idea, constructed during the Civil Rights era to stymie racial justice movements, suggests that Asian Americans are more successful than other ethnic minorities because of hard work, education and inherently law-abiding natures. “This contributes to erasing the very real interpersonal violence that we see happening in these videos, and that Asian Americans experience from the day-to-day, things that don’t get reported and the things that don’t get filmed.”