This word has lost its meaning

When was the last time you heard somebody use the word "literally" in the correct context? I honestly don't remember. Every day I here it at least 100 times and not once do they ever actually mean what they're saying. "I'm literally going to stab myself" no, you're literally not. Stop being dramatic.

I've been removing that word from my vocabulary, because I just cringe every time I hear myself say it now. Even though I use it in the right context, it just feels nasty to say, like I'm speaking like a fucking antifa or something.

And there's my rant for the day. I'm literally just trying to pass time because I literally have to stay 2 extra hours at work. Literally. Happy Friday ya goofs

I am literally the clutchest bear, literally.

An example of the correct usage: Trump is literally Hitler.

bigtree421 -
ClutchTheBear - I am literally the clutchest bear, literally.

I literally just accidentally hit the ignore button on your post. This app literally sucks. 

God dammit now I am like literally sad and I literally hope you unignore me

OP literally knew how this thread would turn out.

This thread literally sucks.

I came btw

you're literally way late too party with this observation, idiot.

OP this thread is a garbage-filled side street, litter alley.

You know what word has lost its meaning lately?


I honestly cannot believe that you're literally making a thread about this.

People who are literalist about the word "literal" are grammar nazis.

Grammar = part of literature = literal tradition
Nazi = Hitler

Ergo: grammar nazi = literally Hitler = OP

You have to combined "literally" with "I know for a fact" ... For optimum trickery.

OP is literally a racist hitler. 

The OP is literally speaking metaphorically.



buddie - An example of the correct usage: Trump is literally Hitler.

Trump won the election

And I'm literally shaking


Hyperbole, how does it work?

I literally have never heard anyone use it correctly.

I literally just shit my pants

I scored the thread 30-27 for op vs the dead horse. Put a real beatin on him.

“Guesstimate” is one that bugs me. But is now a word.