This year, I am the turkey :(

We bring boxing gloves to family get togethers. Myself, A lot of the cousins, a few of my uncles, and my dad.

The turkey is the idiot who has to wear the huge giant gloves and is virtually guaranteed to get his ass whooped.

And ain’t no outsmarted these hillbillies either. I was the turkey back in '16 and decided to be a wise guy and kicked one of my uncles. But I got jumped by a bunch of cousins cause turkey ain’t allowed to kick!

Happy Thanksgiving ya bunch of turkeys!


I reckon not the first time youve been pounded by multiple men.


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Happy Thanksgiving ya fuggin giblet!


Not a true story

I’m sorry, but I don’t participate in homosexual talk. Take your lifestyle elsewhere boy.


Yo Mal! Happy Thanksgiving to you, one of my all time fave OGers!

Maybe next year we can do the holidays together?

Thanks hank hill lol


Dont make me bring up your little sonny.

I don’t frequent homeless shelters so there’s no chance you’ll ever spend time with me on the holidays.

You will spend the holidays with me, rather you want to or not! Accept my friendship, or I will force my friendship into you!

No, by all means! Bring him up! I love my son and am always happy to talk about him!

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Gobble gobble Turkey

I saw my cousins vag on accident back in '09 thanksgiving.

She had a bush. Thanksgiving. Was proud of her. Bushes are awesome.


I love a woman with a bush as well. Dani Daniels has a nice one. Much more appealing than shaved imo. I like a fully developed woman ya know, the pre-pubescent shit doesnt appeal to me right. CHeers.


My favorite uncle, and two of my cousins are all out of jail this year! I javent seen my uncle Jeff in 7 years. I’m pumped!

I’ll let ya know if my cousin is single!

Sure thanks son. Ill put a coat of mayo on that for ya. Youre welcome!

oh damn. just looked her up. yes

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Youre welcome!