Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who suppoeted me b4 and after my struggles I was so excited that I could bring home the W for all my fans and my team/family I will contiue to bust my ass and be better for my next fight which will hopefully be next month ;-) I hope everyone was happy with the fight I put on and the new effort I have put into my training and for those of you who don't like me ;-) your watching and that's all that matters your supporting the sport even if it's to watch me get beat up ;-)your still supporting fighters and their efforts and love me or hate me THANK YOU!!!!! I will keep the UG and my fans updated as to my fight plans as they come.






Cole congrats on just making it back to compete and u looked tough.

 Congrats! Great win

 Nice fight!

thnks guys.....and jeff thanks champ I appreciate the support ;-)

 Congrats to the Apache of the greatest comeback stories in 2009 if not ever in MMA.

Awesome win Cole, I wish you continued success.

 Cole, I was there cornering Kyle pimentel and Emily Thompson. In the dressing room we all were talking about your amazing comeback and performance. Congrats to you and good luck.


 Great Win! Welcome back fucker!!!

 Man , its been about 10 years since UA at Morongo and the Apache Kid is still tough !

Congrats on the victory and coming back from your injury. Oh yeah, and Happy Mother's Day!

congrats dude!

Very inspirational comeback!


Never thought I'd see you fight again!!!

 No, sir, thnak you.


Squared Circle -  No, sir, thnak you.


Today at my BJJ class, everyone was saying that is why they watch MMA... because of comebacks like that.