Just my opinion, from the Running 2009 Awards thread:

Comeback Fighter of the Year

1.  Michihiro Omigawa

2   Cole Escovedo

3.  Toby Imada

4.  Mauricio Rua

5.  Hayato Sakurai

6.  Jeff Monson

7.  Vitor Belfort

8.  Vitor Ribeiro

9.  Carlos Newton

10.  Paul Buentello

 Great to see you back in the ring Cole, congrats on the victory.



TTT for an amazing comeback

Plus you took a good young buck and beat him down.
Nice going, not picking a can and I bet your team is proud.



Great fight and win...awesome comeback story for the sport. Good luck Cole!

Your screen name requires that you read "Infected" by Scott Sigler.

No Thnaks necessary. Grats!

TTT for vid of amazing comeback!

napalmstyle -  Cole, I was there cornering Kyle pimentel and Emily Thompson. In the dressing room we all were talking about your amazing comeback and performance. Congrats to you and good luck.

He won right?  Tell Kyle congrats and I want a t-shirt (small/ medium whatever).

WAR COLE!  Good to have you back bro.


to the top!

If you did not see Cole's performance, you missed out.

Cole went in there and Dominated! He schooled that guy on the ground!

It was great seeing you fight again.

TTT For Cole. Good to see you back fighting...


;-) thnx EVERYONE I LOVE the support it means alot to me to see that people are gald im back hopefully i get an inked fight for a FRESNO!!! card in late june ;-)

Hey Cole, Congrats on the win and even more so on beating all the odds. The Warrior's heart you showed by just competing again far outshines any "W" in my mind . . . Awesome bro!

(no I am not Cole Escovedo's dad, just the dad of "a" Cole who admires him)