i wanna thank the guys from TAPOUT they have supported and sponsored me for some time now. and at my last fight on fri at the W.E.C. i asked if they sow my fight and they hadn't so i told them how i was sporting the fight shorts they had sent me and one of them opens his wallet and hands me a $100 dollars for wearing the shorts but i told him that they had sent me a bunch of stuff already to wear the shorts in exchange and he said take it anyway. SO i really appreciate them and how they take care of ALOT of fighters even when they get grief from other people
thnx again guys
cole escovedo



ttt for video of the flying triangle?

Those guys are the goods. They help out so many fighters it is unreal.

Tapout = great for the sport !!


Charles is a good dude. I personally support him and the stuff he does.

Tapout is awesome!!

Good people.

damn..they are my fav sponsor out there. I tried to get them to get me one pair of shorts not any money or anything, but they couldn't do it for me. Cole if you can help me at all please e-mail me at I would love to have an original pair of shorts from them that they don't have on their site. Please if you can help me shoot me mail Cole. thanks Devon C.

This is a good thing to read.  Well done and Congrats!

Those guys dress dumb but are damn cool.

Good stuff I wish they sent me free stuff.I am happy with Sprawl but would to get some free Tapout stuff ;)

Just because of this thread, I will wear a tapout t-shirt to my office tomorrow.

I only have a Tapout hoodie and I don't think it will be cold enough for me to wear it tomorrow lol.

Damn, I didn't know Cole Escovedo posted here.

I saw you fight on a DVD I rented from Blockbuster. I don't remember what organization but I think the event was "Genesis"? You're a hell of a fighter, what are you doing next?

Come on cole, help a brother out.

plus the naked pics are cool!

Charles and DAN are class acts! TAPOUT Crew are truly MMA Fans and good guys! Tapout has always been there!

Shannon "The Cannon"

racer x im not sure whats next maybe an I.F.C. fight not sure yet devon ill email you tomorrow and see what i can do bro.

Great gear, great for the sport, fashion sense not to great.