Thom Ortiz: Getting Better to Give Back More

It is 9:30 on a blistering Arizona morning. In a hot one-room gym in Mesa, fighters are already rolling on the ground, practicing Jiu Jitsu. One fighter looks a little different from the rest.

Thom Ortiz has been responsible for coaching UFC fighters CB Dollaway, Ryan Bader, and Cain Velazquez to collegiate success. Now, the former Arizona State head wrestling coach is making the transition to mixed martial arts, at 42 years young.

Ortiz brings 34 years of wrestling experience to the table. He is helping young fighters like Efrain Escudero and Santino DeFranco improve that aspect of their skill sets.

“My major focus is helping these current MMA guys,” Ortiz said. “They know how to wrestle, but there are the finer details that I can add to their MMA game.”

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