Thomas Cup - Submission Wrestling League

Hi Everyone,

This is a call for all interested people whom wish to compete in this years up coming “Thomas Cup - Submission Wrestling League”

This is the first year the league will be run and a brief description is below. Right now we are taking nominations for entries in three weight classes: Light, middle and heavy weight. If numbers permit the divisions will be split into tighter weights.

Please contact Steve Thomas (yes i named it after myself as I’m the naming rights sponcer this year) on steventhomas @ iinet. net. au (remove spaces) or 0402 706 318 if you or others from your club are interested in competing.

Thomas Cup - Submission Wrestling League

The League runs for two months starting first Saturday in October and runs each Saturday morning until December.
Wrestlers register to compete and each week they wrestle another person untill the end of the league. The wrestler with the most wins at the end of the leauge wins the prize money!

Rules are similar to the Abu Dahbi rules, with one notable exception, the match doesn’t finish with a submission. A submission will score 10 points and the match is re-started until the time period has ended.

Prior to the league starting a draw will be circulated outlining the time and opponent of each wrestler for each week for the whole league.

So in advance you will know who and when you are wrestling, allowing you to plan the rest of your day/weekend and enjoy weekly competition (just like soccer or footy)

Following I will attach an information pack which includes entry from and more information. The Basic idea is to give Ju-jitsu, MMA, wrestlers etc and actual “Season” to look forward to each year. Unlike current competitions where it’s not known who, or when your match will be and the day may last 5-10hours! This way for example you will know that your match is at 9.30 so you can turn up at 9am, warm up and compete and you’ll be finished at 9.41 and your done for the day, until next week.

This will be a good introduction for people to get some competition type experiance, where you know you only have one match, like pro MMA. It will allow people to get the hang of warming up and the level of intensity that is required in one off type compeitions.

Any questions please ask and spread the word!!!
Please print off the information package that I have attached and take it into your club and share it around. The more entries the greater the prize money!

This year the League will be based in Gosford 30 minutes from Hornsby and 50minutes from newcastle. It is possiable that next season we will have varrious venues, which will allow for home and away matches just as other sports enjoy.


Steve Thomas

Make it in Hornsby and im in!!

Best of luck Steve. You Vs Brad is still the best Aussie HW match ever.


Maybe we could have a Victorian League with the same divisions and then have the State winners square off in a State of Origin type event.

MMA Fun... Where do you live that if you can make it to Horsby, you can't make it to Gosford. The Gym is walking distance from the station. (jest :)

Liteheavyweight, I'll run it from my end... If your keen for your own local division, I'll send you all you need to run the league. it can be run by two people!

So far we've had some good intrest, definently enought to make this a go'er.

Looks like next "season" we will be needing more venues so we will get home and away matches! just like soccer So
MMA Fun - If we can get a club in your area to put up, you'll have home matches every two or so weeks... you can Forefit the away games :(

I'll have finalised rego forms and details this week and we'll get kicked off.

Thanks for the support.

*** Instructors, please contact me for info, if you han't got any directly from me thi week ***

weekly training can only take you so far, weekly competition will drive you to new heights.

Steve Thomas

Hey Steve, I live in Bankstown so even getting to Hornsby will be a bit of an adventure in itself, lol, but Gosford thats another story.

Sounds great, I'll tell the boys!!!