Thompson Vs. Uno

Thompson mentioned this fight in his interview on mma weekly and I personally think it is a fight that would be absolutely fukin awesome sprinkled with rad because these are two bad mofo's who've been in this game quite some time competing at a high level and wrecking shit. They should wreck eachothers' shit asap.

good fight right there.  Thomson has some size on him but Uno is a gamer.

Yes, because I would waste my time posting that sort of horseshit. Got me dude.

Thomson is cool as hell he wants to fight the best besides Uno he wants to fight Hansen and Alvarez as well.

D B R - Uno Thompson5'7 (171cm) vs. 6'5 (196cm) 154lbs (70kg) 264lbs (120kg) I would still take Unoi think they mean Josh thompson, not James thompson....

i think they mean Josh thompson, not john thompson...


LOL at someone seeing "Thompson vs Uno" and thinking for one second that it would be about James Thompson.


I think its stupid of Thomson to say he doesnt want Ishida because there are guys that beat Ishida like Uno, Uno is coming off a loss to Aoki, why not call him out?

Fact is Ishida was the first guy to beat Melendez, Ishida should fight Thomson and Melendez gets a shot at the winner, it makes sense. Uno vs Thomson not so much.

Ishida and Thompson both have beaten Melendez, why make them fight eachother for a chance to fight Gil again? That makes no sense. Uno is coming of a win over Ishida in which he beat his ass thoroughly and a dec. loss to Aoki who was the UG darling until he got ko'd. I think this fight makes sense on many levels, especially if the fighters are both interested.