Thomson made 10k against Pittbull.

Just read on mma junkie this morning that Thomson only made 10k for that fight. I hope there was a lot more coming his way that's not disclosed because for a vet like him that's pathetic.

I'm sure it's much higher than that behind closed doors. If he isn't making at least $50K in show money I'd be shocked. I'd say $80,000 would be reasonable.

Plus he doesn't get paid in Reebok headbands for sponsorship.

I have no doubt he got paid more really. I'm not one to usually make a stink about fighter pay and honestly if I had seen they disclosed 30k-40k for coming off a loss I wouldn't have thought anything of it. But as a company that puts itself out there as being a major mma organization public perception plays a big role. Disclosing a payout of 10k for a vet like Josh doesn't just make them look like a minor league organization, it's downright embarrassing for them to be frank.

You guys are convinced on Bellator's undisclosed and otherwise unheard of locker room bonus system I see. 

He probably made more then that with sponsors

He was making 12 times as much in the UFC with a loss. Forth bracket in Reebok sponsorship (20k).

Even if he got a signing bonus, the discrepancy is huge.

sponsor $???

He is getting that Bellator big bucks! All of these guys bash the UFC but threads on WSOF or Bellator pay barely get the attention the UFC does. I don't see the unions or associations going after them either. 

Bellator pay  is a joke. There ARE signing bonuses but NOT undisclosed pay 


I have 4 ex UFC/major fighters (friends) that have or are been in Bellator and all 4 got payed lower than when in the UFC and never got any bonuses.

...3 of which made LESS in sponsorships (one made like $30k more though)

Isn't the reason to go to Bellator for more money?

Wasn't the consensus that he must have gotten a really good signing bonus the last time this was brought up?

ranier wolfcastle -

sponsor $???

There is no such thing as real sponsorship money except for a very select group of fighters.

Everyone is still holding on to the days of 2003 when a somewhat well known fighter could get $15k for a t-shirt and the shorts could get them another $30k. Those days haven't existed since 2008 or so.

The truth of the matter is that Reebok sponsorship pay is more money than most of these guys could earn on their own. That being said, the Reebok pay (much like all pay from the UFC) needs to be a little bit higher but it is still light years ahead of what an unknown fighter gets over at Bellator.

You are all missing a few zeros. He got paid 10 million, it is viacom DUH