Weird fight. Thompson clearly dominant on the feet, then gets dominated and nearly tapped on the ground, then Sugie just totally loses track of his legs and damn near puts himself in the kneebar for the tap.

Sugie seems better than his record implies, although he also seems like too much of a pure BJJ guy to beat anyone that good.

Interesting fight. Turn up the sound on the kneebar and you can here the tearing sound. Sugie looks to be better than it looks on paper. Likewise, Josh can probably make some noise in Bushido. Good performance by Josh.

Agreed- Sugie looks tough.

TC- where were you tonight? I didnt see you at Renzos!

I never train on Fridays. Friday is a lazy day, plus they don't even do nogi on Friday's any more, so half my incentive is gone.

They changed the schedule slacker- its no gi on Fridays.

I thought Sugie had the armbar...

The kneebar was sort of the Sak/Newton variety..."Oh... huh, there's a knee right there."


Well maybe I'll consider training Fridays from now on. Where are you watching this from, anyway?

My god that was a great fight!Josh showed his heart with that armbar and should be kicking some ass in the Bushido LW GP.

TC- I already saw the fights...

Enjoy watching the rest!

almost looked like josh was tapping, lindland style. josh said he heard the guys knee pop 5 times

Sugie is a phenomenal grappler, but crumbles when he gets hit. Thomson didn't really hit him, so he didn't give Sugie a chance to crumble. Sugie gave Kawajiri a tough fight back when both of them were relatively new.

I think this is related to his fear of getting hit, but Sugie just seems to only be able to focus on one thing at a time in fights. If he's worried about strikes, he neglects his grappling. If he's looking for a sweep, he forgets to protect his face. In the case of the Thomson fight, it looked like all he was thinking about was the armbar, and didn't even consider what to do if Thomson escaped.

Sweet kneebar by Thomson.