Thor Dark World

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What's the OGs opinion?? Worth a watch?? Is it the Loki show?? Phone Post

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If you are into comic book movies its worth watching if not wait for dvd.....I am the audience they are shooting for so I am bias

I enjoyed it very much. Loki is probably the best part of the movie. It's a lot of fun, has some emotional moments, some cool action sequences, and the actors all seem to have very good chemistry. If you liked the first Thor, I thought this was much better.

I really enjoy comic book movies, and I enjoyed the first Thor so that's good. Who's the villain? Phone Post

Phase Two = Watered down Phase One Marvel movies.....

Thor 2 wasn't horrible like Iron Man 3, but it sure as hell wasnt a great film by any stretch of the imagination.  Its fantastic they are able to get all the stars to return to another film and put it out only one year after Avengers and two years after the first one, but it was really not that good.    Not Green Lantern, Daredevil, Hulk 03, Wolverine 09, Iron Man 3 bad.... but there wasn't any heart to the movie like the first one.  Loki was good in it again and they did do something new with Loki which was great, but why the fuck would Marvel give super powers to Natalie Portman and Gwen Paltrow in the Phase 2.  Those two are the love interests, mortals, normal women that our heroes are attracted to, not super beings.  Lame.  Although I did not expect that after credit scene with an Oscar Winner A-Lister, but the scene looked like something out of Zoolander.

EatonBeaver slowly turning in to comic book guy.

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Not nearly as good as the first one.

Lots of throw away shit.

Thor is probably my least favorite current comic movie franchise, that being said, it was ok. I felt about this one about the same I felt about the first one. I was entertained but it definitely wasn't great.

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it's fucking awesome I loved it.

dark elves kinda come back from somewhere and wreak havoc

very cool

especially if you like comics Phone Post 3.0

Saw it. Loved it. Way better than the first. Phone Post 3.0

Darth Ryase - Saw it. Loved it. Way better than the first. Phone Post 3.0
This x100 Phone Post 3.0