Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer is OUT!


Love the look of the helmet, I wish he had it since he first showed up in the MCU.


Looks great

Jesus, this thing looks all kinds of awesome.

Looks so good. I've got a stiffy.

Weird choice of director but that is what has me excitied..

LOL@'He's a Friend from work'

I'm in

That looks like it is going to be immense fun, can't wait.

looks like they going planet hulk 



danggook -

looks like they going planet hulk 


I hope they can somehow do a World War Hulk later on as part of the Avengers movies.

Looks great the Marvel on great roll just now.

Reminded me a bit of Guardians of the Galaxy. Looking forward to it.

"He's a friend from work!"



I have enjoyed both Thor movies, but this one looks like it might be the best...

pretty much every time the avengers fight each other its the best...


Wasn't a huge fan of the last 2 thors but this looks awesome

looks great and shot very similar to guardians of the galaxy.