Thornton and Frankl Seminar tour

Thanks to everybody for their support at the recent SBG seminar. I have had very positive feed back from everybody who attended saying they found the Crazy Monkey boxing defence and the new X-Guard developments especially useful.

Take a look at these photos from the Dublin, Donegal and Belfast seminars.

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I had a fantastic time. . . .great seminars, great people, great training.

I will get a review up on the website asap. Along with a much needed and large update. As well as a lot of new technical things in the members area.

I will be in Berkeley CA this weekend for a seminar, and will get on that as soon as I return.

Much thanks to John, Karl, and Rosi for all there help.

Also much thanks to John Frankl. It was great to have him on board, and he is a fantastic Instructor.

-Matt Thornton