Those left-turn staredowns

Inquiring if anyone else experiences the left-turn staredown. It occurs when you are stopped at a light to make a left turn while the vehicle to right of the intersection makes a left turn, crossing your vehice and eye-level creating a strange macho stand-off. Seems to be the other driver is communicating that they won’t clip the front of your car but some drivers use this as an opportunity to assert dominance, as in “I’m in motion and you’re not.”

If you have any experiences, would love to hear about them.

I always flip the bird when making that turn so there’s no misunderstandings.


I have a dash cam and go when I have the right of way. If they wanna play that game that’s on them.

As the driver of the vehicle in motion or stopped?

In motion.

Wait, you mean you’re stopped at red light? They turn in front of you while they have a green?

4 way intersection. You’re in South end waiting to turn left. Joker in East side also waiting to turn left towards you gets green arrow. As he turns he gives you the stink eye since he passes right by you.

At least I think that’s what he’s talking about.

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So, he’s got the right of way and he’s turning while I’m stopped. Got it.

Yeah, been in that scenario plenty. Never recall any significant eye contact. Maybe cuz of the sunglasses. But definitely never a stink eye.

Well next time you’re turning left & someone is waiting, initiate the stink eye & see how it feels for ya. Es normal.

I am laughing, good call OP. Happens to me all the time. I usually just say, " what the fuck are you looking at?" It’s a weird phenomenon.

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Maybe you should just start running down every driver who makes a left in front of you, pull them out of the car, and give them a beating.

When they are screaming “WHY?” simply reply with “You KNOW why!”

Its prob due to the 6 in necker your casually sporting around

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Shouldn’t you be paying attention to where you are steering your vehicle? It sounds like your not paying attention. What if you hit someone or another call or run over a pitbull? What do you planning in telling the police? Your gazed was affixed on another driver to see if they were going to give you the stink eye? That shit wont hold up in court.

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It’s basically an unwritten rule of the road. If you don’t do it you probably shouldn’t be driving.

I blow kisses at them.

It’s extremely passive aggressive and confusing for them. Hilarious for me.

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Me too! Except i say “hey go fuck your mother” in my best tony soprano accent.

Thought i was the only person that did this. Fucking hysterical.

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I have used this tactic before in other intervehicular interactions. I believe i learned it here, perhaps from you.

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At an intersection:

              Red Light       E

You are in car S waiting to make a left turn at red light. Joker is in Car E also waiting to make a left turn. They are first to get green light and make left turn in front of you, all the while initiating a Cro-Cop/Wanderei worthy stare down.

lol, ruthless!

Yep we’re on the same page.

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