Those u once admired that latter disappointed

Can’t seem to find the thread. I’d like to read it. Can you point me in the right direction?

cru jones (cheated trying to make the mains)

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Pretty much any politician.

Helltrack aint for no yellow bellied sissies.

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Turns out hes not really THAT gay.


I believe it was McCorkle not Sims and I can’t find the original thread but I think this is a repost of it…


Randy Couture

That guy turned out to be a train wreck. His life from entering the UFC to his shameful jerk off vid runs like a WWE script. He even had a heel phase where he married some bimbo (4th wife), grew out his beard, and wore lots of Affliction shirts.


this sounds like jealousy and not disappointment

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Jesus Christ, the dude is insane, and not in a good way. I would like to think he wrote the book after his head injury, but he didn’t. Have no sympathy for what happened to him. Fuck him

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Passive Jay.

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McCorkle! Of course it was.

My memory is shite.

Thanks for the link, that thread is gold.

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Unfortunately my answer as well.

Thanks for the link. He is definitely a psycho but you would never have known it when I met him. I took kids I coached to some wrestling camps where he was a clinician and he was very good, patient with the kids and took the time to sit and discuss some set ups and some counters in folkstyle. We also talked freestyle a good bit. He was polite and seemed intelligent. I even have a pair of signed gloves he gave me at a later camp. The last time I talked to him was about 2006-2007. When I heard rumors about his wild side I discounted them, then … I read the book.

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fake pie with a excellent quick book review. pretty impressed

Elliot Spitzer? The GOAT?

Specifically, what did you admire about him?

I had so much respect for that guy. Didn’t always agree with him but believed he was doing it for the right reason. I thought he was a truly honest public servant, a good guy.

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What about prior to his political career?

Surprised no one’s mentioned him yet, so I’ll do the honors: Donald J. Trump

How about Colin Powell.

Huh ?

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