Those who got the VAX, BIG NEWS may be coming in on Moderna MRNA Vax!

The CEO just sold ALL his Shares and deleted his Twitter account! If he fled the US, there can be some UGLY SCARY NEWS COMING!

This is all over TWITER!


Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel Deleted His Twitter Account |


There’s already a thread on this, not being shitty just saying

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I feel bad for the people that got this thing and it’s boosters. Those forced to do it I mean. If you have a brain and are under 80 years old and can see a 99.7% survivability rate and you still got vaxxed, you may deserve this shit. RIP Sweet Princes may your VAIDS take you quickly.

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I don’t know what I would have enjoyed more, living, or getting to rub it in my girlfriends face that I was right about this stupid ass vaccine the last few months I have to live.

Ultimately I think it’s something more like Veritas has a private e-mail dump where the CEO acknowledges the vaccine is ineffective or perhaps a negative thing even in treating covid, and that they lied, and colluded to fudge statistics to push them anyways.

I doubt that 2/3 of Americans are about to just drop dead. I mean they’ve slowly walked us from the vaccines 95%+ protect from covid to → okay you might catch covid still and be hospitalized even if you have the shot, but at least you won’t die. The next logical step is that, “okay the vaccines aren’t effective at all, it’s because of the variants” when really they never worked at all, then the next and I’d hope final step is that the vaccines were rough on the body, kidney, heart, etc damage, but nothing that’s going to flat out kill people, just probably took 10-20 years off of peoples lives pumping people full of spike proteins.

Also I just googled it he’s been selling shares since 2019, company insiders are only allowed to sell so many shares at a time, if he could just bail on the company he would have done it when his shares where worth 8 billion instead of the current 3-4ish billion.


It was at least a couple days ago, it didn’t have a ton of replies at the time but I remember reading this info.

not rly, the fittest/healthiest(if lucky enough) will survive probably without anything noticeable
but they can die in the next 10years from some slow ass disease
the vaccine makes lymph nodes for up 8weeks and more to be enlarged
all sort of crazy side effects
no brainer it wasn’t safe in the first place, and then all the infections in vaccinated, lol

FDA now preparing to release 300k pages in 6months about vaccine

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There can never be enough anti vaxxine threads around here.


Where did he go?

Also, the last remaining deadly variant (delta) has been replaced by what’s essentially the flu now. There isn’t going to be the mad rush for vaccination against omicron. Especially since the Supreme Court ruled against mandatory vaccinations. Moderna has already lost about 60% of its value since it was discovered omicron was mild.


Moderna’s CEO dumped $400 million of his own mRNA stock and deleted his Twitter account 2 days ago, right as they were announcing their second mRNA product (in collaboration with AZ no less) as a treatment for, yep, HEART FAILURE! You can’t make this shit up!

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