Though of the day

I just wanted to share some thoughts I had the other day after teaching some children.

Have you ever watched a child at play? Their movement is effortless, void of self conscious doubt and self criticism. People are fond of saying that children are like sponges, that they learn at an incredible rate absorbing everything around them. For many adults this gift has been lost. Like many of our natural abilities this has been conditioned out of us by fear, stress and social convention.

ROSS members seek to re-integrate their breathing-movement and alignment through the study of Zdorovye. As they explore their bodies natural range of motion and they try to recapture the physical abilities they once had it is important to explore the mindset we were also born with. Play like child. Imagine what could be learned if you could/would explore the martial arts and your personal development with the eyes of a child. We could ask questions in class without fear, we might try moves that could seem silly or even impossible. The next time you dive into some ROSS drills remember to play like a child.

Shawn Mozen