Thought I'd say hello ... long time no see!

Hi all, haven't been around for awhile but since I've become an agent I thought I would keep my eyes open for new potential talent and also say hello to my "old" friends here at UG! If you wanna know what I've been up to you can check out my "creds" at

Big hugs to all,

Noelle Kim
Theatrical Department Head
EDGE Talent Agency

hello to you


tf pics?

Thanks PAG, for the speedy response. You are sweet.



hey Noelle welcome back.

Damn busy much.

If I ask you to represent me, will you demand cock pics?

No bones ... silly rabbit ... my picture is on page 248 of Gene LeBell's Autobiography: "The Godfather of Grappling"

I think I added facebook page to profile though ...

Not the best way to greet a gal though nobones, you know ... you never get a second chance to make a first impression.



Retracted my statement.  *edit

^^ Tough crowd.

welcome back.


To get respect one must give it, dontcha think GA? (I assume you are trying to be funny but it's rare I'm spoken to thusly unless it's someone I know and whom I am aware is being funny ... do I know you?)

More hugs!


You were missed but I do agree. PICS :)

Ok, let me know if I posted our facebook page properly ... otherwise ... name is Me Me in the Los Angeles, CA network.

More hugs to Jay, Ashleigh, Motion and Str8!!!


OK, gonna go work on my profile for a minute or two, more hugs!

I don't know where respect comes into the internets, but my question about the cock pics still stands.

M hm ...

Funny ... I didn't leave for any other reason than WORKING alot ... guess you didn't check creds hm? I was a member here since 2001 actually but when I stepped down as president of Gene LeBell Enterprises I started a new screen name here so as not to confuse anyone.

Respect comes into all aspects of life, the internet is not some "otherworld" where I give myself license to say things I'd NEVER say in person ... but to each their own and may the 1st amendment live long and prosper.

You are welcome to verify that my screen name used to be NoelleLeBell, then LeBellian, and now Noellee ... (TUF went through changes a couple times so I changed with it ...)

I have always been warmly welcomed here and always respectful in my postings and good humored with friends ... that will never change I hope.

More hugs!!!!


Welcome back Noelle!

Sorry if I seemed rude. My last agent always demanded a cock pic whenever I updated my headshots, so I'm a little afraid to get another agent.