Thoughts about UFC 140

I know it was well over a week ago but I thought I would share my thoughts about what we saw and how fans responded. I waited since there was so many threads with bashing JBJ and even Mir I wanted to let things cool down a bit before sharing.

I did rant a little bit about how little the actual fight(s) were discussed with most of the attention being about after a couple of the fights were over.

Here is an excerpt from last weeks article:
"Allow me to start with what has had many talking (arguing) at lengths on the forums. The Main Event paired Lyoto Machida vs. Jon Jones. This fight showed us how great both fighters really are. Lyoto gave Jones his first real taste of danger in a fight. Jones almost looked beatable in the first round. Machida not only tested Jon’s chin but he appeared to frustrate the young Champion in the first round. Let me take a moment to clarify one point, while I thought Machida won the first round, it was far from a shutout. The second round showed why Jones could very be one of the greatest fighters the world has ever seen. Not only did he make adjustments he put a stop to the momentum Machida had gained near the end of the first round. Jones got the takedown, landed his signature elbows, rocked Machida on his feet and promptly put him to sleep. As amazing of a fight it was, the most discussion revolved not the fight itself but what happened after the fight had ended."