Thoughts and comparisons question GC Vs UD

Hi there,

Was wondering if anyone could tell me their thoughts on Gracie Combatives Vs Rob Kahn's Unarmed and Dangerous? I am looking for something well layed out and simple to add elements to a self defensse curriculum. I've heard good things about GC. I can not seem to find anything regarding the other. I've only recently ever heard of Rob Kahn...

Would love to hear some feedback about both of these products...Good - Bad - Please share.


This is a sincere question...Nobody has any thoughts to share? Hoping someone might help me out. Has anyone seen any of the Rob Kahn stuff?



Just an opinion, but the Rob Kahn vid sounds a bit sensational and that's rarely a great sign.

GC is as simple and high percentage as it gets and the quality of instruction is world class.

I don't really see how any video set can begin to compare for laying a foundation. I've been training since '97 and I love the stuff. Own it for sharpening my basics and Bullyproof for teaching my kids.

They are VERY cheap for the info, logic and presentation. Phone Post 3.0


Thanks very much for your rsponse.


Haven't seen UD, but no matter how good it is, you should get GC, it is likely the single best instructional ever released and the best foundation for your jiu jitsu you can have . Phone Post 3.0

GC without a doubt, if you're military or law enforcement check out the GST too Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the feedback.


Has anyone seen Rob's DVD? I seen some clips of him teaching and he seems like a great instructor Phone Post 3.0