Thoughts of Conor and Mendes after last night?

Personality wise-
I think I like Conor even more, he's funny out of the cage but once it's over he's cool and shows respect

Chad came off as a jock to me, but his respect after the fight as well was awesome to see, as well as the post fight conference.

I'll be rooting for them both next fight.

Conor showed me he can handle the best wrestler in the division and he's cool under pressure. Also, he hits like a truck

At this point I think he has a great chance against Aldo, and I can't wait for that fight.
The card last night was amazing, hats off to everyone! Phone Post 3.0

I agree with all of that. I can see Conor beating Aldo at this point, but losing to Frankie in his first proper defence. You heard it here first ;) Phone Post 3.0